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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adapting meter tracking models to Latin American musicMaia, Lucas Simões; Rocamora, Martín; Biscainho, Luiz W. P.; Fuentes, Magdalena
2022Aesthetics of musical timing : Culture and expertise affect preferences for isochrony but not synchronyJakubowski, Kelly; Polak, Rainer; Rocamora, Martín; Jure, Luis; Jacoby, Nori
2009An efficient multi-resolution spectral transform for music analysisCancela, Pablo; Rocamora, Martín; López, Ernesto
2020Análisis de interpretaciones de tango usando herramientas computacionales : El estilo de ejecución de Aníbal Troilo interpretando Mi refugioAlimenti Bel, Demian; Rocamora, Martín; Martínez, Isabel Cecilia
2019carat : a toolbox for computer–aided rhythm analysisRocamora, Martín; Jure, Luis
2019CARAT : computer-aided rhythmic analysis toolboxRocamora, Martín; Jure, Luis; Fuentes, Magdalena; Maia, Lucas; Biscainho, Luiz
2007Comparing audio descriptors for singing voice detection in music audio filesHerrera, Perfecto; Rocamora, Martín
2018Computational methods for percussion music analysis : the afro-uruguayan candombe drumming as a case studyRocamora, Martín
2010Fan chirp transform for music representationCancela, Pablo; López, Ernesto; Rocamora, Martín
2019Improving csound's ambisonics decodersZinemanas, Pablo; Rocamora, Martín; Jure, Luis
2021An interpretable deep learning model for automatic sound classification.Zinemanas, Pablo; Rocamora, Martín; Miron, Marius; Font, Frederic; Serra, Xavier
2019MAVD: A dataset for sound event detection in urban environments.Zinemanas, Pablo; Cancela, Pablo; Rocamora, Martín
2023Noise reduction in analog tape audio recordings with deep learning models.Irigaray, Ignacio; Rocamora, Martín; Biscainho, Luiz W. P.
2012Pitch content visualization tools for music performance analysisJure, Luis; López, Ernesto; Rocamora, Martín; Cancela, Pablo; Spontón, Haldo; Irigaray, Ignacio
2011Pitch tracking in polyphonic audio by clustering local fundamental frequency estimatesRocamora, Martín; Cancela, Pablo
2019SAMBASET : a dataset of historical samba de enredo recording for computational music analysisMaia, Lucas S.; Fuentes, Magdalena; Biscainho, Luiz W. P.; Rocamora, Martín; Essid, Slim
2012Separation and classification of harmonic sounds for singing voice detectionRocamora, Martín; Pardo, Alvaro
2011Singing voice detection in polyphonic musicRocamora, Martín
2006Tararira : query by singing systemLópez, Ernesto; Rocamora, Martín
2005Tararira : sistema de búsqueda de música por melodía cantadaLópez, Ernesto; Rocamora, Martín