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Title: Comparative study of the minichromosome maintenance proteins complex (MCM 4/5/6) in ameloblastoma and unicystic ameloblastoma
Authors: Apellaniz, Delmira
Pereira Prado, Vanesa
Sicco, E.
Vigil Bastitta, Gabriela
González González, Rogelio
Mosqueda Taylor, Adalberto
Molina Frechero, Nelly
Hernández, M.
Sánchez Romero, C.
Bologna Molina, Ronell
Type: Artículo científico
Keywords: MCM4, MCM5, MCM6, Proliferation, Unicystic ameloblastoma
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Introduction. Solid/conventional ameloblastoma (AM) and unicystic ameloblastoma (UAM) are the most frequent benign epithelial odontogenic tumors located in the maxillary region, and their treatment usually consists of extensive surgical resection. Therefore, it is relevant to study molecular markers to better understand the biological behavior of these tumors. The aim of this study was to describe and compare the expression of proteins related to cellular proliferation: Ki-67 and MCM4-6 complex. Materials and Methods. An immunohistochemistry technique was performed, with antibodies against Ki-67, MCM4, MCM5, and MCM6, in 10 AM and 10 UAM tumors. The results were quantified using label index and analyzed statistically. Results. AM and UAM had greater expression of MCM6, followed by MCM5, MCM4, and Ki-67 (P < .05). Immunoexpression of Ki-67 and MCM5 was exclusively nuclear, whereas the expression of MCM4 and MCM6 was nuclear and cytoplasmic. Conclusion. The results suggest that MCM5 is a trustable cell proliferation marker with higher sensitivity compared with Ki-67 and may be useful to predict the biological behavior of AM and UAM. Despite this, further studies are necessary, including a correlation with clinical parameters to confirm these findings.
Publisher: Sage Publications
IN: International Journal of Surgical Pathology, 2018. First Published May 30
ISSN: 1066-8969
Citation: Apellaniz, D, Pereira-Prado, V, Sicco, E, Vigil-Bastitta, G, González-González, R, Mosqueda-Taylor, A, Molina-Frechero, N, Hernandez, M, Sánchez-Romero, C y Bologna-Molina, R. "Comparative study of the minichromosome maintenance proteins complex (MCM 4/5/6) in ameloblastoma and unicystic ameloblastoma" [en línea] International Journal of Surgical Pathology, 2018, First Published May 30,
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