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Title: Proteoglycans as potential biomarkers in odontogenic tumors
Authors: Gómez Herrera, Z.
Molina Frechero, Nelly
Damian Matsumura, P.
Bologna Molina, Ronell
Type: Artículo científico
Keywords: Biglycan, CD44, Glypican, Odontogenic tumor, Perlecan, Proteoglycan, Syndecan, Versican, Tumor odontogénico
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Proteoglycans (PGs) are essential for normal cellular development; however, alterations of their concentrations can promote tumor growth. To date, a limited number of studies report the presence of PGs in odontogenic tumors (OTs); therefore, the main purpose of this work is to gather the information published on the study of PGs. The search reported 26 articles referring to the presence of different PGs in distinct OTs from 1999 to May 2017. PGs seem to play an important role during OTs’ development as they are involved in several tumor processes; however, the number of reports on the study of these molecules is low. Thus, more studies are necessary in order to gain a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of OTs.
IN: Journal of oral and maxillofacial pathology, 2018, 22(1):98-103
ISSN: 0973-029X
Citation: Gómez-Herrera, Z, Molina-Frechero, N, Damián-Matsumura, P y Bologna-Molina, R. "Proteoglycans as potential biomarkers in odontogenic tumors" [en línea] Journal of oral and maxillofacial pathology, 2018, 22(1):98-103.
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