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Title: Expression of parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHRP) in ameloblastomas
Authors: Zeballos, R.
Bologna Molina, Ronell
Pereira Prado, Vanesa
Villarroel Dorrego, M.
Type: Artículo científico
Keywords: Proteína relacionada con la hormona paratiroidea, PTHrP, Hueso, Parathyroid hormone related protein, Bone
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Background: Presence of parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) might suggest that ameloblastomas recapitulate features of the enamel epithelium and induce bone resorption, which would facilitate their growth and local invasion. The aim of this study was to determine the expression of PTHrP in ameloblastomas. Material and Methods: An observational research study was designed including 39 cases of histologically diagnosed ameloblastomas (39 out of 42 patients gave consent for the use of their medical records and all data required for this study). Gender, age, tumor location, histological type and subtype of the tumor were recorded and PTHrP expression was determined by indirect immunohistochemistry using monoclonal anti-human PTHrP (1D1 / Santa Cruz Biotechnology). Protein expression and intensity were evaluated under light microscope and finally data recorded and statistically analyzed. This research was approved by the Caracas West General Hospital review board. Results: 39 cases of ameloblastomas were evenly distributed between genders (49% male and 51% female) with a mean age of 33 ± 3.53 years, mainly affecting the posterior mandible. 20 cases (51.28%) showed positive cytoplasmic immunoreactivity to PTHrP. 8 out of 15 cases of solid/multicystic ameloblastomas and 12 out of 23 cases of unicystic ameloblastomas were PTHrP positive. Intense expression of PTHrP was observed in 4 unicystic ameloblastomas (all luminal subtype) and in 5 cases of conventional ameloblastomas. Conclusions: In the present study PTHrP expression in solid multicystic and unicystic ameloblastoma suggests its possible function in the biological behavior of the tumor. More studies are needed in order to determine the possible role of this protein related to bone invasion processes.
IN: Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry, 2018 (10) 2: e172-e176
ISSN: 1989-5488
Citation: Zeballos, R, Bologna-Molina, R, Pereira-Prado, V y Villarroel-Dorrego, M. "Expression of parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHRP) in ameloblastomas" [en línea] Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry, 2018 (10) 2: e172-e176.
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