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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Wearable estimation of central aortic blood pressure : Feasibility study.Fierro, Germán; Armentano, Ricardo L.; Silveira, Fernando
2017Design of a low power wireless sensor network platform for monitoring in citrus production.Steinfeld, Leonardo; Schandy, Javier; Favaro, Federico; Alcarraz, Andrés; Oliver, Juan Pablo; Silveira, Fernando
2018Antenna characterization without using anechoic chambers or TEM cells.Rodriguez Díaz, Benigno; González, Juan Pablo; Steinfeld, Leonardo; Schandy, Javier; Silveira, Fernando
1995Analog design in SOI technology : micropower and high temperature applicationsSilveira, Fernando
2017Sensor data analysis and sensor management for crop monitoring.Sosa, Raquel; Vera, Andrés; Ibarburu, Maite; Steinfeld, Leonardo; Schandy, Javier; Silveira, Fernando
2002Low-power IC design and optimization in bulk and SOI CMOS technologies in view of application to pacemakersSilveira, Fernando
2005Sintonización automática integrada para filtros de tiempo contínuo gm-C de microconsumoSilveira, Fernando; Aguirre, Pablo
2018Current-efficient preamplifier architecture for CMRR sensitive neural recording applicationsOreggioni, Julián; Caputi, Angel; Silveira, Fernando
2019Maximum efficiency point tracking in inductive links : Series versus parallel receivers compensationPérez-Nicoli, Pablo; Silveira, Fernando
2021Patient imperceptible WPT for wearable/implantable medical devicesPérez-Nicoli, Pablo; Sivolella, Martin; Gammarano, Nicolás; Silveira, Fernando